Affordable Quality, Maintenance Free and Best Value,
3 things that set us apart!


Our boat lifts are among the best in the industry and in many ways, leading the industry.
Customer satisfaction is key in every transaction.

We are a small company with a passion to provide great products that people want,
at very affordable pricing. Our main sales strategy leverages word-of-mouth advertising and is based on our excellent product value and customer satisfaction – before and after the sale.

Dockside Lifts knows that the less time you spend hauling your boat around on a trailer, is more time for boating and relaxing – and that is important to all of us!

Meet the Team

Andy Mason

Owner and Distributor

Andy has been enjoying boating for over 25 years. Getting the best value for a dollar is very important to him. When the time came to purchase a Lift, he researched numerous companies and was most impressed with the Lakeside lift – both the pricing AND the quality. He loves to help others get great deals too and so Dockside Lifts was born.

Lisa Mason

Administrator and Office Manager

Lisa loves the sunshine and any time she can spend on the dock is time well spent! Helping others get great deals and the best value so they can spend more time on the dock is an added bonus!

Dockside Lifts was exceptional in their working knowledge of what I needed for my water depth and boat type. They were professional, helpful and a pleasure to work with!